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Saying your best words by turning your picture into words

Humans are different, and therefore our preferences differ. What hurts another person might not hurt you. We love differently, and we also hate differently. You must have found out that what upsets me might not upset you. As we have different preferences when it comes to what we love, eat, and wear so also the…


Photo gifting

Turn image to text is your best way out of emotional heartbreaks

  Each of us has those times when we are vulnerable and weak, those times when even the strongest becomes the weakest of the heart. A time when even the weakest will as though the strongest. There are those moments when we need the best shoulder to lean on, the best person to fight for…


picture to words

Create a Picture in words to preserve your memories

  There are many important days in our life; however, some days are revered than others. As humans, some things can be avoided while some days are totally unavoidable. Either we want it or not; this day will surely come. Everything will definitely end in a day for humans; however, what is important is the…