Photo Gift for him

Capture Best Moments With Personalized Photo Gift | Photo-to-text

  Joy, excitement, hope, love, and warmth are things that a newborn brings. They are fragile yet can make the strongest of the heart emotional. Babies are bundles of joy as they are popularly called. One of the things that a baby also brings is unity; it unifies and strengthens the relationship between the couples.…


Create and order your picture turned to text

Immortalizing Your Best Moments and Memories | Photo-to-text

  While we are still young, time flashes by, and we do not know it because we are most times caught up with the enjoyment that life presents. A popular saying goes thus, “Time flies,” but honestly, memories fly too. The question now is, as memories fly, can you ever capture it? I guess you…


Picture made from words

Technology to turn Words into A Picture | Photo-to-text

  Technology has been blessing our lives as humans for a long time, different innovations to make life easier and more comfortable have been made available for a long time. One of those things is the internet, a place where people meet, interact, and transact globally. The internet, in turn, also birthed a lot of…