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Make a Picture Out of Text | Photo-to-text

  Every human wants to love and most especially wants to be loved. And that is why we tend to dissipate all our energies when we have the chance of having someone to love us. Or when we have a family or dear one that often gives us support. On all these situations, making a…


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Appreciating your silent heroes with a Photo Made up of Words

  The benefit of a photo made up of words goes from the imaginable to the unimaginable. As small as a gift may appear, it has a way of strengthening our relationship more. So, who are your silent heroes, they are people that are so close to you? You can never live a day without…


Picture with words

The Simple Living Biography of Our Love Life | Photo-to-text

  As humans, we hold onto many memories, those that we love, the ones that had caused us pain. The memories of our loved ones lost through break up or even death. But you can preserve the lovely ones through a picture built with words.   Love, when it is not forgotten, cannot die. What…