“Photo-to-text gave me the best present I have ever given my mom. She is so hard to shop for and I never know what to get her. I have been buying her Christmas gifts for over 40 years. So, this year I decided to go back to basics and make a gift from the heart. Instead of getting out the glue and scissors I decided to check out Photo-to-text and the way they make a picture with letters. I remembered my neighbor raving about it one day and she was right! I knew I wanted to use a picture of my kids; she is an amazing Grandma! So, I made her a picture with text of my kids on Christmas morning with the lyrics to Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells has always been her favorite song. She raved about it so much that my siblings were jealous! Finally, Mom liked my gift best! Thank you for the help! I will definitely be back soon to choose another pictures for texting.”

She ordered from us
Caroline, 43

“I came to your website with some trepidation. Not being a big fan of computers I wasn’t sure how I would feel about making this picture text. I wanted to get my new daughter-in-law something special to welcome her to the family. I asked my daughter to send me some ideas and yours was one of them. Compared to the other ideas this one seemed the most personalized and a great way to welcome her to the family! I logged on very nervous about being able to complete the task but I did not need to be. Fortunately, your site was extremely easy to use even for a computer illiterate guy like me. I gave my new daughter the picture to words the day she married my son and I could see in her eyes how much she loved it. I hit the gift out of the park! Thanks for making such an easy to use product, these pictures made of text are the best gift idea ever made.”

Testimonial number five
Stan, 47

“I had to write into your company and tell you about the great idea you helped me with: photo words. As an art lover, I was worried about the quality of canvas and ink that would come with your photos made of text. Since it is going to be hanging on my wall I wanted to make sure that it would look nice with my other pieces. I scoured the Internet for the best company and time after time Photo-to-text came up first in my searches. Reviews I read convinced me to give you guys a chance. I logged onto your site and submitted my picture and text. I honestly thought it would take a lot longer to complete the process but it was a cinch.I tried to create an image from text and was very easy. I submitted my order and waited for the picture with words on them to arrive, hoping that it would be the type of quality I demand and it was! Much to my surprise, it did! I was so happy with the brilliant colors and quality canvas my photo was printed on.5 stars for quality!

What Michael says
Michael, 56