“I had to write into your company and tell you about the great idea you helped me with: photo words. As an art lover, I was worried about the quality of canvas and ink that would come with your photos made of text. Since it is going to be hanging on my wall I wanted to make sure that it would look nice with my other pieces. I scoured the Internet for the best company and time after time Photo-to-text came up first in my searches. Reviews I read convinced me to give you guys a chance. I logged onto your site and submitted my picture and text. I honestly thought it would take a lot longer to complete the process but it was a cinch.I tried to create an image from text and was very easy. I submitted my order and waited for the picture with words on them to arrive, hoping that it would be the type of quality I demand and it was! Much to my surprise, it did! I was so happy with the brilliant colors and quality canvas my photo was printed on.5 stars for quality! ”