“I simply adore your site! I made my boyfriend the most adorable photo to words of us with the text to “our song”! The picture was from prom and we looked sooo cute together!! I gave it to him for graduation and he just loved it! He said it was the best give he has ever gotten! My friends and I all decided to give our boyfriends the coolest present we could think of for graduation. After all it is the end of an era, right? Well, I definitely had the coolest gift by far. I think all the other boyfriends were a little jealous and my friends were definitely in envy. I have told all my Facebook friends and my family about your site! The best part no matter who orders from you they will always know that I am the one that discovered it! For sure my new favorite gift idea! Thanks, Photo-to-text for that photo made of words, I will definitely be back to get a wedding photo on canvas for my house!”