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You are the best, I can’t thank you enough for your support on texting pictures with symbols. You made for me two image versions and both look really great. Thank you so much for helping expedite this amazing personalized canvas. It actually got here on my husband’s birthday: for the text I chose our best wedding photography and then I wrote my own words, telling him how we fell in love and how important is in my life. I love what you have done for me and I appreciate your help and will recommend your business to others that see this in our house and like it. Of course I plan on ordering more orders after the holidays, I think it is a great gift idea that I have never seen before, the perfect present to show your family and friends how much you love them. Your pictures of words and you rock !!

Her wordart creation
Julia, 34

“I simply adore your site! I made my boyfriend the most adorable photo to words of us with the text to “our song”! The picture was from prom and we looked sooo cute together!! I gave it to him for graduation and he just loved it! He said it was the best give he has ever gotten! My friends and I all decided to give our boyfriends the coolest present we could think of for graduation. After all it is the end of an era, right? Well, I definitely had the coolest gift by far. I think all the other boyfriends were a little jealous and my friends were definitely in envy. I have told all my Facebook friends and my family about your site! The best part no matter who orders from you they will always know that I am the one that discovered it! For sure my new favorite gift idea! Thanks, Photo-to-text for that photo made of words, I will definitely be back to get a wedding photo on canvas for my house!”

Natalie's opinion
Natalie, 34

“I got married last Spring and had the most beautiful wedding! So many people helped me out and I debated for months over how to thank them. Finally, I figured it out one night as I was cruising along the Internet. I came across your site and thought it was simply amazing how you can turn a photo into words. What a neat idea! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give a words with photo canvas to everybody though so I came up with another idea! Instead of ordering a canvas for each person I ordered a .jpg file so I could use my friend’s print shop and get a discount. Weddings are expensive! At this point, I had my wedding words images back and since I owned the pictures I could use them. I used a different picture for each gift and then for the words I used the thank-you letter I had written to send them. Turning words into pictures is easy so It was so much fun creating each image and everybody simply loved them! My mom said it was the most thoughtful gift she had ever received.”

Other testimonial
Kaitlyn, 23