Artwork made with words using Typography

Typographic Artworks : Turning Text into Visual Masterpieces

  In my case, when it comes to art, the first things that come to my mind include colorful paintings, detailed sculptures and digital masterpieces. However, there is another kind of art that has never ceased to captivate my attention: typographic artworks. This fusion of the written work and the graphic artwork both enhances the…


ASCII Artwork made with text

Exploring the Artistry and Legacy of ASCII Text Art

  At first when I found ASCII text art, I was surprised how the plain characters could compose such exquisite patterns. It felt like as if there existed a whole new world beneath the surface of the daily, run-of-the-mill words that we are prone to take for granted. ASCII is an acronym for the term…


Typographic artwork

Typographic Artwork: The Art and Impact of Letters in Design

  Typography is one of those things that are actually overlooked by many people and yet are crucial in many others. Frequently it’s present yet manages to pervade the way we interpret reality as well as approach the textual content. However, when typography goes beyond the ordinary, it becomes greater than a mere representation of…