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Are you looking for a personalized gift for a special moment? With Photo-to-text you can have your best photo turned into a one of a kind piece of art work using your own words, truly a gift from the heart.

Bring your personalized artwork to life with the texture and depth of a stretched canvas print. As you walk close to the canvas you can read the words and as you step back from the art you can see the picture.

You can either order the print on canvas or you can order the image as a .jpg file to send or print it on your own. If you choose to print it with us, your canvas will arrive stretched on a wooden frame ready to hang.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

Do you need a creative way to tell the woman of your dreams how much you love her? Are you looking for a meaningful gift to thank your mom for everything she has done for you? Would you like to try a new way to display your family photo? If so then Photo to Text is for you!

When you are done putting your picture into words you will choose how to order it. You can pick between a framed canvas print or a .jpg file of the image sent directly to your e-mail. When viewing the print you will step back to see the picture and get up close to read the words.

Best choices

Anniversary Gifts
Newborn Canvas
Valentine's Day
Corporate Present

The Process

Step 1: Your Photo

Select the perfect image for your new Photo to Text creation: your wedding picture, an engagement photo, and a family portrait are all great choices.

Step 2: Your Text

Enter the text of your election and choose from a range of customized fronts to spruce up your text . Be sure to check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Step 3: Your Background

Modify the size and text font, select the background color of your image and… time to order, it is as simple as that!

Need a Unique Gift Idea?

Childhood memories

Make your own artwork selecting a picture of your child or children with everything you love about them: a great opportunity to share with your child how much you love and appreciate him.

Anniversary Gift

Use your favourite wedding photo with your wedding vows. Putting your photo into words is a lasting way to memorialize your special date. Your husband or wife will absolutely never forget !

Valentine's Day

Select a picture from your first date and the lyrics to a song you heard that night. When you hang the art on the wall and stand several feet back you will see your gorgeous photo to text creation.

Grandparents birthday

Make sure a chair is nearby they can sit down on! Let everyone in the family write a short sentiment, use your family photo and include them all in the gift.

Song Lyrics

Use the lyrics of “your song” and create your own personalized photo. Your picture is literally made of YOUR own words, the possibilities are endless!

Corporate Gift

Your staff photo can be turned into a picture listing your employee’s names and positions. It would also make the perfect gift to give your favorite coach.


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What People Say About our Personalized Gifts

  • “I recently had my first child and was excited to do something special to hold the memory of his birth for my wife and me. I knew about your site through a friend’s Facebook page and decided to give it a whirl. I used the picture that was taken of the three of us when we got home from the hospital. My wife looks so beautiful in the picture and it really captured the spirit I was going for. I wasn’t sure what words to use at first but then I decided to use his weight, height and other new baby information. I had my own words turned into pictures printed on canvas which was very good quality by the way. The color came out just as I hoped it would. My wife burst into tears when I gave it to her. So, I must have done good! We have it hung over the rocker in his room and it brings a smile to my face every time I see it.”

    Testimonial by Jim
    -Jim, 31
  • “I got married last Spring and had the most beautiful wedding! So many people helped me out and I debated for months over how to thank them. Finally, I figured it out one night as I was cruising along the internet. I came across your site and thought it was simply amazing how you can turn a photo into words. What a neat idea! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give a canvas to everybody though so I came up with another idea! Instead of ordering a canvas for each person I ordered a .jpg file so I could use my friend’s print shop and get a discount. Weddings are expensive! At this point, I had my wedding pictures back and since I owned the images I could use them. I used a different picture for each gift and then for the words I used the thank-you letter I had written to send them. It was so much fun creating each image and everybody simply loved them! My mom said it was the most thoughtful gift she had ever received.”

    Photo to words opinions
    -Kaitlyn, 23
  • “I simply adore your site! I made my boyfriend the most adorable picture of us with the words to “our song”! The picture was from prom and we looked sooo cute together!! I gave it to him for graduation and he just loved it! He said it was the best give he has ever gotten! My friends and I all decided to give our boyfriends the coolest present we could think of for graduation. After all it is the end of an era, right? Well, I definitely had the coolest gift by far. I think all the other boyfriends were a little jealous and my friends were definitely in envy. I have told all my Facebook friends and my family about your site! The best part no matter who orders from you they will always know that I am the one that discovered it! For sure my new favorite gift idea! Thanks, Photo-to-text, I will definitely be back to get a wedding photo on canvas for my house!”

    Young canvas purchase
    -Natalie, 21
  • You are the best, I can’t thank you enough for your support. You made for me two image versions and both look really great. Thank you so much for helping expedite this amazing personalized canvas. It actually got here on my husband’s birthday: for the text I chose our best wedding photography and then I wrote my own words, telling him how we fell in love and how important is in my life. I love what you have done for me and I appreciate your help and will recommend your business to others that see this in our house and like it. Of course I plan on ordering more orders after the holidays, I think it is a great gift idea that I have never seen before, the perfect present to show your family and friends how much you love them. You rock !!

    Julia Testimonial
    -Julia, 34
  • “I had to write into your company and tell you about the great idea you helped me with. As an art lover, I was worried about the quality of canvas and ink that would come with your pictures. Since it is going to be hanging on my wall I wanted to make sure that it would look nice with my other pieces. I scoured the internet for the best company and time after time Photo-to-text came up first in my searches. Reviews I read convinced me to give you guys a chance. I logged onto your site and submitted my picture and text. I honestly thought it would take a lot longer to complete the process but it was a cinch. I submitted my order and waited for the canvas to arrive, hoping that it would be the type of quality I demand and it was! Much to my surprise, it did! I was so happy with the brilliant colors and quality canvas my photo was printed on.5 stars for quality!

    Marilyn Testimonial about canvases
    -Marilyn, 56
  • “I came to your website with some trepidation. Not being a big fan of computers I wasn’t sure how I would feel about making this picture. I wanted to get my new daughter-in-law something special to welcome her to the family. I asked my daughter to send me some ideas and yours was one of them. Compared to the other ideas this one seemed the most personalized and a great way to welcome her to the family! I logged on very nervous about being able to complete the task but I did not need to be. Fortunately, your site was extremely easy to use even for a computer illiterate guy like me. I gave my new daughter the picture the day she married my son and I could see in her eyes how much she loved it. I hit the gift out of the park! Thanks for making such an easy to use product.”

    Old Stan and his canvas
    -Stan, 67
  • “Photo-to-text gave me the best present I have ever given my mom. She is so hard to shop for and I never know what to get her. I have been buying her Christmas gifts for over 40 years. So, this year I decided to go back to basics and make a gift from the heart. Instead of getting out the glue and scissors I decided to check out Photo-to-text. I remembered my neighbor raving about it one day and she was right! I knew I wanted to use a picture of my kids; she is an amazing Grandma! So, I made her a picture of my kids on Christmas morning with the lyrics to Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells has always been her favorite song. She raved about it so much that my siblings were jealous! Finally, Mom liked my gift best! Thank you for the help! I will definitely be back soon.”

    Caroline and her comment
    -Caroline, 43