Personalised Corporate GIfts
Corporative Logo made with names
Personalized Business Gifts
Are you truly in need of unique corporate gifts? With a photo to text artwork, you can create a gift that embodies the company persona by turning a picture into a sculpture that reflects your heartbeat.
Your mounted print artwork
Actualize your personalized corporate gifts with a light and firm image print mounted on a ultraboard. When you advance towards the print, you will be able to read the text, and when you withdraw, you can see the photo.
Custom Company Gifts
You have the choice to order the image printed and mounted, or you can request for the image as a file to send or print it on your own. But if you print it with us, we will deliver it via FedEx on ultraboard ready to hang.

Unique Corporate Gifts

Due to an emphasis on the corporate ethics, you need to examine the gift, the recipient and the nature of presentation whether the companies have gifting policies. A creative artwork is a tangible real-world personalized gift that has an emotional immediacy.


Artwork that is made in the form of your picture but filled with words from your heart. It can be a good humor gift strategy with a text that contains words of comic experiences and gratitude that will be engrafted on it.


Photos may include branded logo of the company to keep the business name in the mind of the recipient. A representation of good memories of business deals or events and some other things that are encapsulating. You have to understand that you might not be the only business your client work with. But gifting may help you build a preferred personality.


Your employees or business partners are the reason why the business is still in existence, so you have to boost their morale and appreciate them for their productive efforts with something special. Employers are not left behind, they are the reason why you can make an end meet, and they also need to be shown an act of gratitude. With photo-to-text, you can bridge the gap between you and the recipient.

Corporate Unique Gift

HQ Printing Techniques

Business Unique Gift Oportunity

We make use of quality UV resistant ink that will cause the image appear elegant without defect. When it comes to printing, we make use of the contemporary printing techniques called “Giclee printing techniques”. That makes the art piece amazingly beautiful.


Not only that, the photo paper that we will use in printing is a standard one presumed to last for an extended period. We also use energy efficient method while making the mounted print. We also use the sun and wind’s power of natural renewable resource. Our frame is a standard one that adds an air of urbanity when hanging on the wall of your company.

Custom Corporate Gifts

We will deliver your custom corporate gifts at your doorsteps within the scheduled time range packaged in a bubble foil paper directly from our studio. We also ship UPS which means insurance covers your artwork and you are assured of a faster delivery.


Once we deliver it, it’s safe to hang. Imagine you have your corporate artwork gift hanging on the wall of the recipient. Each time he walks in to his office and sees the image, you are automatically registered in his subconscious mind. We will work with you in our mind till the final production creating unique artwork that reflects our expertise in craftsmanship.

Before BusinessLogo After

You might be scared that this option might make you look cheap. But don’t worry, people appreciate things that inspire creative thinking. Pull ostrings of giving to others if you are looking forward to making an impression for the last longing relationship. And do it with a style your client, employee or employer will live to remember.